I have alway been wondering, what I would do if I came back  to 10 years ago? Today,  I know the answer.

The sun is very bright which reminds me of the old days.  I watched around and found out I was in high school and I am back to 16 years old.

Things are a little different with my memory. Qihui Li, my best friend should change to our class half-year earlier .When the teacher introduced her to us,  she gave a big smile to me. I just tried to think about what’s going on next. Then we would have some misunderstandings about who is the top 1 student in our class. Then the next two years, we will distanced each other and have new friends.   I will study alone and became more isolated from other students. She will have a boyfriend this year and she will isolated from the teachers who are trying to help her and get bad marks in college-entrance exam.She broke up with the boy after high school because of some misunderstanding and she will miss him for the rest of her life.we  will be back to friends in college,but everything had changed, but she is unhappy since then.

So In the break, I grabbed her hands and said “I don’t know why things are a little different, maybe all the things have to replay once more , maybe I am in a parallel universe.But listen to me ,you made lots of bad choices this year and in your later life. you regret it for a really long time. You have great opportunities to be a very successful woman,many people tried to help you in your high school. Do not let opportunities go.” She was in shock and stared at me.

At that moment , I waked up and found out I was taking a nap in my bed. For a long time, I was obsessed by the idea of coming to the past years, I aways think that I would do something to change my life ,perhaps to protect my eyes or exercise more, or to learn piano or somethings.I didn’t realized that I would try to change other people’s life.

Maybe I should call her now,since it’s 2:30 pm in Beijing now.

One thought on “16 AGAIN

  1. Your story makes me ponder how I’ve been getting through my life and where to go. We make many mistakes, but we learn from such experiences. Your story already started changing people’s life. Thanks.

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